vendredi 13 avril 2007

Assignment #5

I recommend this TV show to the other students because it is very interesting and there are many thriller and love in the story. Every time, the TV show finish I am bad and I want to see the next one. I really appreciate this project, because it’s help to me to listen more English TV show and it’s help to me to learn more the English conversation. It’s really cool because after the first TV program I almost learn all the next TV show. I wish that the teacher gonna do this project to the next class, because it’s very interesting and it’s really help us.

vendredi 23 mars 2007

In The Life Of Brook!

At the beginning, I comforted my boyfriends because he lost his uncle and he was very sad. To forgot the tragedy (that happened in the last TV show), me and my friends, we went in the country cottage of Rachel. Rachel is my enemy, but it was the only thing to put a lot of fun in our life. During the week-end, my friend Nathan wanted to ask to his wife, Haley, to marry him. For that, He wanted to steal Haley’s ring and he needed me. I decided to steal the ring while Haley was in her shower and I succeeded. At the end, Haley was very frustrated , because she thought she lost the ring, but Nathan went with her and he did the surprise and she was very relieved. During the week-end, me and my boyfriend, really had a lot of fun and I love him more than before.

vendredi 2 mars 2007

Rébéka Épisode 1

In the TV program, I watched this week, there were many problems and a lot of suspense. At the beginning, we could see an old teens movie , the teens explained what was happening in our generation. During the TV program, the teens of our generation talked to the teens of the next generation. Lucas went to live with his dad, Dan, and his mother was very frustrated about that, Brook was named president of high school and her boyfriend had make a bad party to celebrate that. Nathan and Lucas went to the party, and Nathan took Luca’s car but he was very drunk. So Lucas decided to go with him, and they were arrested by the police and they went to the jail. Dan was paying the caution for Nathan and Lucas.

vendredi 9 février 2007

Introduction Of One Tree Hill

I chose One Tree Hill program, because Ialways watched this TV program in French and I receive the second season for Christmas, so it’s my chance to start it. The story talks about relationships between friends, family and love. All of the TV shows, make me feel very strange inside of me. At each TV show, there is always new suspense. The story takes place in many different places, for example at secondary school, in a room of teens, in the kitchen, restaurants, gym, night club, etc. The mains characters are: Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Brook, Dan, Keith, Debora, Hailey, Karen. My favourite character is Brook, because I found myself in Brook’s character. All of these reasons explain why I choose this TV program.